One of the high-strength metal products produced as rolls is the product of sheet metal cut to length.  

What Is Plate Steel?

It is the production of steel or aluminum raw materials in sheets. Sheet metal is heavily used in many industries today.

How To Produce?

Thick sheet metals are passed through the cylinders and flattened. This process is called rolling. Rolling is carried out in two different methods, both cold and hot. The purpose of rolling operations is to ensure that the material has a smoother surface.

The steel material is brought to the continuous casting unit. Here it is sent to the rolling mill in a cast bucket called ingot, in a melted shape. They are subjected to certain processes with the help of molds called Slabs.

Then the material comes to the rolling unit. Here it is free of all surface defects. In the rolling process, it is also subjected to a number of thermal treatments.

After the rolling process is completed, the metal material is sent to the washing unit. Here it is completely free of surface defects using acid or various chemicals.

Finally, it is subjected to cutting in the desired measures in the slicing or cutting unit.

It is packaged and stacked in warehouses.

Functional Properties of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal features are listed below:

  • In the procedures, the sheets are balanced and stable. In this way, the desired robustness is achieved.
  • They can be produced in sizes suitable for the need.
  • It has weldable, portable and cutable properties.
  • It is resistant to high temperatures.
  • It has alternative usage features. It has a wide range of products.

What Is Cut-To-Lenght Sheet?

The sheet produced in rolls is cut to the desired extent in the size cutting line. The cut-to-lenght sheet product can be subjected to length cutting in the range of 0.25-4 millimeters.

What Are The Features?

The cut-to-lenght sheet metal product has a thickness of 0.25-3 millimeters. They are produced with a minimum width of 500 millimeters and a maximum width of 1250 millimeters.

The plate length is produced with a maximum length of 0.30 millimeters and a maximum of 1000 millimeters for 0.90 millimeters.

The stack weight is at least 1 ton, maximum 5 tons.

Where To Use?

Height cut sheet metal products are used in the following areas:

  • White appliances products,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Isolation and surfacing implementation,
  • Ventilation and air conditioning applications,
  • Thermosiphon, stove ve tube implementation,
  • Production of water and fuel tanks,
  • In the manufacture of cable ducts and lighting fixtures,
  • In the cable industry,
  • In the mining and packaging industry.

What Are The Advantages Of Cut-To-Lenght Sheets?

Cut-to-lenght sheet metal models find their use in many industries. Also:

  • It has easy to process feature.
  • Thanks to the cutting process, they can be produced in desired sizes. Production can be carried out according to the customer's request.
  • They are highly resistant to external conditions.
  • Production cost is low.
  • They are produced in accordance with other manufacturing.
  • It is quite easy to store and store. They take up very little space in warehouses.
  • They can be easily dispatched.
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