Roll sheet products are cut in desired sizes according to the customers' request. Thus, the tongued roll sheet product appears.

What Is Shredded Steel Roll?

The slitting units in the production factories are capable of cutting hard metals of various thicknesses.

After undergoing many procedures before, the prepared roll sheet products are sent to the lines in the slices. Here they are cut into various sizes and packaged and ready.

As a result of all the cutting procedures, the tongued roll sheet product appears.

Slicing Process

In rolls, steel sheet material is brought to the slicing unit. Here it is put on the marching bands. Inside the unit are circular blades. There are also alignment bands in narrow and long strips. In this way, the desired length and width slicing process is performed.

The slicing process begins by opening the sheet metal material in rolls. Therefore, the most important part of the slicing unit is the opening apparatus.

The inside of the unit is supported by high temperatures. In this way, the material to be sliced can be cut more easily by circular blades.

The slicing unit can shape the roll saca in the range of 0.3-10 millimeters.

The roll slicing machine consists of the following units:

  • The opening unit,
  • Loading trolley,
  • Slicing unit,
  • Burrs folding,
  • Entrance and delivery roller area,
  • Ramp turnbuckling,
  • Roller area,
  • Hydraulic Press Center,
  • Operator command center

Shredded Steel Roll Features

It is generally produced in thicknesses between 0.20 and 3 millimeters. It can also be produced in different thicknesses according to the customer's request. However, the thickness limit is the size of the capacity of the slicing machine.

Roll sheet is resistant to high heat.

The internal structure of the shredded roll sheet is on average in the range of 508 millimeters and 610 millimeters.

The stack weight is at least 2 tons, up to 12 tons.

The width of the tongued roll sheet can be determined as at least 30 millimeters and a maximum of 1250 millimeters.

Sheet rolls are subjected to coating process by special methods. Coating process is carried out according to national and international quality standards.

It is used in many sectors as raw material. Due to its easy to produce and economical, it is often preferred by the industrial sector.

What Are The Areas Of Usage?

Roll sheet production is demanded by many sectors. The following are the sectors where the tongued roll sheet product is used:

  • Light Section Steel
  • In the electrical industry,
  • In roofing processes,
  • In ventilation and duct manufacturing,
  • In structures such as suspended ceiling profiles and duct systems,
  • Solar energy system profiles,
  • In exterior coating products,
  • In the manufacture of transport vehicles,
  • In all areas of the energy sector,
  • In some areas of the agricultural sector,
  • In some areas of storage systems,
  • In the construction industry.

Roll sheet products are produced at high temperatures and pressures. After the materials on the surface are cleaned, they are cut to the desired thickness thanks to the slicing unit.

They are stored and made ready for use.

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