The shaped form of galvanized sheet material as corrugated sheet metal is successfully used in many industries today. Sinus corrugated sheet is a form of galvanized sheet.

What Is Sinus Corrugated Iron Sheet?

The corrugated iron sheets that are undergoing galvanization process and after the process turned into corrugate form is named sinus corrugated iron sheets.

How To Produce Sinus Corrugated Iron Sheet?

Sinus corrugated iron sheet product is actually nothing more than the conversion of galvanized sheet metal into another form.

Carbon steel in raw material is brought to the factory for processing. Here it is immersed in pools with zinc in it at a temperature of 680 degrees.

The material, which is kept here for a while, is taken to areas that are at room temperature to cool down. Here it is kept until it cools.

This method we are talking about is a simple galvanizing method.

Also, steel sheet product is covered with a method called continuous galvanizing. In this method, zinc coating is made in pools with constantly moving rolls. Under the rolls is a suppressor called a steel coil. In fact, steel coils are the base of the pool. The steel coil moves up to 200 meters per minute. The steel material on the coil is covered with zinc material as a result of this movement.

After being covered with zinc at the desired rate, it is removed from the pool. Excess zinc protrusions on the surface are cleaned with compressed air.

After this process, the steel material is removed from the pool together with the coil and taken to a special room for cooling.

After all these operations are completed, grooves are opened into the steel roll with the help of the sine machine.

Sinus Corrugated Iron Sheet Machine

The machine is specially designed for the formation of sinus sheet shape. Sinus corrugated sheet metal machine is used as a production line.

Production capacity is between 20 meters per minute and 35 meters per minute. The machine system has 12 to 20 stations.

Painted or unpainted sheets can be processed on this machine.

A standard sinus corrugated sheet opener has the following units:

  • Hydraulic roll opener. This unit has a pressure capacity of 5-10 and 15 tons. It has the option of opening cars or mechanics.
  • Shape Group
  • Guide Group
  • Cut-to-length Unit
  • Automatic Stacking Unit and
  • Software and Automation Unit.

Sinus Corrugated Iron Sheet Features

Sinus corrugated sheet sizes can be made according to the customer's request. It has the ability to prepare easily and quickly.

They can be produced at low costs.

Galvanized sinus corrugated sheet structure can be used in many sectors.

Where To Use?

Sinus corrugated sheet is used in the following areas and sectors:

  • Military structures,
  • Social structures,
  • In industrial structures,
  • In agricultural structures,
  • In sports facilities,
  • Silo and similar structures,
  • In the construction of building sites,
  • In the construction of hypermarkets and shopping malls,
  • In structures with space frame system and similar structures,
  • In the structures where all kinds of carrier systems are applied.

What are the advantages?

Thanks to sinus corrugated trapeze sheet products, assembly was able to take place faster and easier. In addition, sinus corrugated sheet products provide the following benefits:

  • They are used in roof and facade systems. Thus, a structure that is resistant to all weather conditions is formed.
  • It is practical to assemble and easy to transport. In addition, the storage cost is low.
  • Can last a long time.
  • It adds a different atmosphere to the structures in which it is used aesthetically. That is why it is often used in roof and conveyor systems. It is also used as façade cladding material in some structures.

Today, it is generally preferred to use sinus corrugated sheet in special structures in the construction sector. It is cost-low and allows for labor and time savings.

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