The hot rolling method was used centuries ago. Today, it is also used extensively in the production of heavy industrial products. Hot rolled sheet product is one of them.  

What is Hot Rolling Process?

Hot rolling is the process of melting steel metals into molds in molds located in high furnaces. In this way, steel can be produced with the desired delicacy.

In the rolling process, molds called Slab are used. These molds are specially produced. Slab molds are taken to the annealing furnaces in the rolling mill. Here it is subjected to annealing at a temperature of 1200-1400 degrees. Thus, the microstructure of the metal that is desired to be shaped is created.

The annealed Slabs are transported to rotary rollers with round drums through carriers called Rollers. Rotary rollers apply high rates of pressure to steel material. Thus, the material can be reduced to a thickness of 0.4-0.6 millimeters.

During heating and cooling of the metal, problems occur on the surface called tufal. These roughnesses are cleaned through pressurized water.

When the metal is heated, it expands and can grow beyond the desired size. To fix this problem, the metal is cut with the help of special scissors.

What is Hot Rolled Sheet?

Refers to the steel sheet product that is subjected to rolling process. Hot rolled sheet is exposed to temperatures above 540 degrees. Thus, it can be easily shaped.

After rolling, the steel is cooled at room temperature.

What Are The Features?

Hot rolled sheet is produced at high temperatures. It also has the following features:

  • They can be produced up to 50-20 millimeters thick.
  • They can be produced up to 1000-2000 millimeters wide.
  • They are produced and controlled according to many quality standards, especially EN and ASTM.
  • The surface of hot rolled sheet metal can be prepared by two different methods, acidified and non-acidic.
  • Hot rolled steel is quite durable. Therefore, it can be used as a beam or column.

What Are The Areas Of Usage?

They are used in industrial structures as pipe profiles. They are also used in the construction of infrastructure and superstructure systems.

They can be used on parts of work machines. The shipbuilding industry consumes hot rolled sheet metal products intensively.

It is needed in many areas of the machinery industry. These products are also in high demand in container manufacturing, which is one of the backbone of the shipping industry.

Advantages of Using Hot Rolled Sheet

Hot sheet is easy to shape. Therefore, the steel products that the heavy industry needs most can be produced by rolling method.

In addition, steel products prepared according to the hot rolling method have the following advantages:

  • The materials are in a soft form and can be easily processed.
  • They have easy weldable properties.
  • They can be cut in different shapes and sizes. With these features, they can be easily used in different sectors.
  • It is easy to manufacture and cost-low.
  • It is resistant to external conditions.
  • They are highly resistant to horizontal loads.
  • Easy to pack and ship.

Steel sheet products produced by hot rolling method are among the raw materials most needed by heavy industry today.

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