The idea of covering some metals used in industry with some metals belongs to the industrial period. The discovery of galvanized sheet metal material also coincides with these periods.

What Is The Galvanization Process?

Galvanization process; it is the immersion and coating process for longer use of some materials used in the industry. It was first found by Italian physicist Luigi Galvani. Metals such as steel, iron or aluminum are immersed in zinc, which is called a galvanized container and is found in melt. It's held here for a while.  Before starting the galvanized process, the metals are kept in two different pools. Thus, they are completely sterilized. Metals held in pools are taken to pools called Flenk. Thus, the metal is cleaned of toxic chemicals. Then the zinc coating process is proceeded.

What Is Galvanized Sheet?

Galvanized sheet metal material is put in the zinc pool. Here it is covered with zinc. The purpose of this process is to protect the metal against external factors. Thus, a non-corrosion and more durable material is obtained. The zinc pool in which the metal is placed is 680 degrees. When the steel material is removed from the pool, it reacts with oxygen. When zinc comes into contact with air, it quickly cools and hardens. So it sticks to the steel metal and solidifies. Thus, it is integrated with steel. Then the roughness and other materials on the surface of the metal are removed. After cutting, the galvanized sheet product is now ready for use. Another galvanizing method is continuous galvanizing. In this method, the metal material is constantly passed through the zinc bath.

Applies pressure on a roll of steel coil as it passes through the bathroom. The steel coil moves approximately 200 meters per minute. Compressed air is used to reach the desired thickness in steel material. Zinc coating on the surface of the metal is removed by compressed air.

After all these processes, the material is left to cool at room temperature.

Where To Use?

Galvanized sheet products with the appropriate shape:

  • In the Construction sector,
  • In roofing processes,
  • As a sandwich panel,
  • On the inner and outer surfaces of buildings,
  • In the manufacture of white goods,
  • Automotive industry,
  • In insulation and coating processes,
  • In ventilation and air conditioning facilities,
  • In the production of fuel and water tanks,
  • In the production of pipes and profiles,
  • In the production of electrical cable channels,
  • In the cable industry,
  • In the mining and packaging industry,
  • In the production of prefabricated structures,
  • Construction of large areas such as sheds, silos and warehouses

They are widely used.

What are the advantages?

Galvanized sheet features are quite high in structure. In addition, it has many advantages:

  • Increases the resistance of the products in which it is used. Due to the structure of metal products; it can not withstand moisture, corrosion and other external factors for a long time. These metal products of zinc coating are thus made more resistant to external factors.
  • It provides long-term use.
  • It's easy to shape. That's why it can be used in many industries.
  • Production cost is low. It can also be produced easily and quickly.

Galvanized sheet metal products are used by many sectors today. Due to its durability and economicalness, it also reduces the cost of many building materials.

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