Galvanized base materials are widely used in many industries due to their both light weight and long resistance to external conditions. Deck sheet product is one of them.  

What Is Deck Sheet?

It is the building material obtained as a result of strengthening high strength thin steel sheet or aluminum material with special painting techniques. Deck sheet is most commonly used in the construction industry today.

Features Of Deck Sheet

Using a layered coating system, galvanized base material is protected against corrosion. Many color options can be preferred in layered coating.

Deck sheet product is usually produced in square form. It has an aesthetic appearance. In some cases, a wavy shape or a rectangener can be shaped according to the condition of the structures.

The most important feature of deck sheet is that it is durable. Since it is used in roofing on exterior facades, its connection to mahya is quite robust. That's why it can withstand strong winds. It can also protect the roofing and the entire structure from the corrosive effect of hail and rain.

Where Deck Sheets Can Be Used?

Does not need thermal insulation; Single layer and rectangated trapezoidal sheet is used for structures such as industrial structures, agricultural structures and warehouse buildings.

Wall covering is very important in heat-insulated halls. Both sound insulation needs to be done perfectly, and the walls need to be durable. Therefore, a second load transport system is applied in thermally insulated halls. Deck sheet structures produced with the help of galvanized profiles are ideal for this work.

Galvanized profiles are made with high or low rectangular plates. The body parts are double-walled. They are also applied in combination with grease wall covering. Before applying deck sheet as secondary reinforcement support, some tests need to be carried out on wall structures.

Rather, the facade structure must have many technical features. For example:

  • Isolation,
  • Substrate type,
  • Structural thickness


It must also be carried out in tests such as temperature and wetness analysis.

Deck sheet measurements are determined based on the dimensions of the wall. Manufacturing is carried out according to the measurements taken from the wall surface beforehand.

In order to reduce sound pollution in the halls of the buildings, rectangular plates with holes in them are used. These structures are called double-walled facade systems. These structures, which are perforated from the inside, will also provide high sound absorption.

Deck sheet structures used in the above areas also:

  • In the construction sector,
  • In the industrial sector,
  • In the entertainment industry,
  • In shopping malls,
  • In roofing,
  • In facade coatings,
  • In the production of prefabricated structures,
  • In hangar structures,
  • Gym and stadium structures

Are used.

Deck Sheet Roofing Products

Speed and practicality are very important in the construction of large structures. Because time is money. That's why deck sheet applications are widely used in structures such as hangars and social facilities.

This is because it is easy to apply, only assembled in parts and durable.

It is also preferred as a coating material on the exteriors of such structures.

Benefits of Using Deck Sheet

It is light and durable. In addition:

  • It provides excellent insulation. It provides a high degree of thermal insulation, allowing for money savings.
  • Galvanized groove structures allow water to be easily transferred to drainage channels, especially in heavy rainfall.
  • It is a good sound insulation material.
  • Optimizes the passage of steam and moisture. Thus, it allows the roof areas to breathe.
  • The production and assembly phase is easy and can be carried out quickly.
  • Highly prevents the formation of rust and mold.
  • It can be produced in different shapes, colors and sizes. It provides an aesthetic appearance on the exteriors.
  • It has easy-to-process properties.
  • It is long-lasting and cost-effective.
  • It does not require maintenance.
  • Storage costs are quite low.

Due to all the features mentioned above, deck sheet product is now preferred in many sectors.

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