As Magro Steel, we carry out our activities in the iron and steel sector with an innovative vision with 15 years of experience. The supply and production of flat product groups in the sector forms the basis of our field of activity. In line with our knowledge and experience, we aim to provide quality product at the highest level in terms of logistics and security.

In the product range it develops; the principle of keeping quality assurance and the use of products at the forefront of ergonomics, ecology and effective design qualities at all times. The harmonious fulfillment of these factors is the definition of success for our brand.

Today, we are proud to be an innovative company with highly specialized products for a wide range of industries. We owe our sustainable success to the way we always act in line with current economic requirements.

As a supplier, Magro always carries out its work professionally with an insolator approach in the steel industry. In addition to the supply of high-performance materials and special flat products, the focus of our day-to-day work is to provide satisfaction to our business partners.

Magro Steel has the technological equipment to combine its 15 years of experience with procurement activities; It offers this hardware to the market based on the principle of quality production with products that comply with quality standards.

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